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A study commissioned by Better Brazoria and conducted by Autocase Economic Advisory has revealed that local elected officials in Brazoria County have voted to give away $2.1 billion in tax revenue to 14 wealthy corporations.

The 14 corporations are Freeport LNG, Dow Chemical, Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Ineos USA, BASF, C3 Petrochemical, MEGlobal, Praxair, Shintec, SI Group, Gladieux, Chemical Specialties and Solvay. 


The study also showed that these 14 companies received an average of $1.9 million dollars in tax breaks for every one job promised, while the single largest recipient of tax breaks, Freeport LNG, received nearly $6 million per job.


Better Brazoria opposes corporate tax breaks and believes they are bad for local taxpayers. When the recipient not only recieves tax breaks at the expense of local tax relief and / or better local services, but also contributes to severe pollution in Brazoria County’s air and water, as each of the 14 studied companies do, we believe corporate tax breaks are morally bankrupt.


If $2.1 billion in wasteful corporate tax breaks make you angry, like it does us, please join hundreds of your Brazoria County neighbors who have signed the accompanying letter.  Based on where you live, we will deliver your signed letter to each of your local city and county elected officials.


Click here to learn more about Better Brazoria!

Click here for more information about Brazoria County tax breaks!

To my elected representatives:


I’ve learned that elected officials in Brazoria County have given away $2.1 billion in tax revenue to some of the world’s richest corporations. 


MY property taxes go up every year. It’s unacceptable to prioritize tax breaks for the rich over tax relief for local families, and wrong to vote for corporate handouts over funding for our schools, roads and parks.


I’ve also learned that big companies received $1.9 million in tax breaks for every one job promised. One company, Freeport LNG, received nearly $6 million per job. Those tax breaks don’t break even. They’re bad deals for local taxpayers, and they need to STOP.


I ask you to OPPOSE future corporate tax break deals, and instead prioritize local needs. Please make big companies pay their fair share, give US some tax relief, and invest in a better Brazoria County.




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